Due to Covid-19, ALL lessons will be conducted via Zoom.

Whole Musician Philosophy

Your Instrument

Whether you're concentrating on your voice or your fingers, we here at BMS believe that your body is the best investment you can make in your music career.  Correct technique relative to the style of music is required for healthy singing.  Proper alignment, balance, healthy habits, and bodily awareness are necessary to prevent injury and support your technique.

Your Knowledge

The best and most successful people in their respective fields today are the ones who continue to read, research, and learn.  For musicians, this means continued progress in music theory, history, performance practice, repertoire knowledge, anatomy and kinesiology, and style.  We have a specific curriculum that you can move through at your own pace.  Your high schooler will never get to college saying "Why didn't I know this?" and professionals and amateurs alike will be confident enough to perform wherever they like without fear!

Your Personal Growth

Music is about so much more than notes on a page.  It's about the emotional connections, interpersonal relationships, your successes, your failures, and your growth as a person.  Emotional intelligence and maturity is a skill, and through music, you can reflect and examine yourself as a person and share as much as you want with the world!  We believe that teaching you to how work with accompanists and clinicians, how to audition, how to reflect after receiving comments, and how to navigate the various scenarios of being a musician is integral to your love of music.